Why should I attend #SoMebythesea?


medical doctor hand surgeon shows stop sign with his hand


Guess what, I was one of many doctors only 6 months ago that believed we didn’t need to care about social media. We had our personal pages to keep in touch with friends, show off our new car, or what we did on the weekend, relay where we had just been on conference and not much else. We feared invasion of privacy, kept our settings to the maximum and beleived we didn’t need to be engaged in an active manner. 

Guess what happened while we weren’t looking? Patient advocates started talking about us, 3rd party websites started to rate us based on patient feedback, and healthcare debates were toussled out without our input. Anti vaccination movements and the like gained traction because we weren’t using out skills and expertise to lead and influence debate. 

It’s time to reclaim our place in the health debate, to educate, inform and form alliances with patients and allied healthcare professions. The global stage is Social Media. Come and learn how and why…All  by the seaside


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