What is @SoMebythesea?


@SoMebythesea is a 1 day workshop created by Dr Helen Schultz, pharmacist, consultant psychiatrist, founder and managing director of CPD Formulations Pty Ltd. CPD Formulations is a medical education company that develops niche medical education programs for doctors by doctors. Dr Helen Schultz is active on social media, campaigning about issues related to mental illness and also issues related to doctors in training (DiTs). She writes regularly under the blog How Shrinks Think and will launch her first book of the same name in November 2014. 

Always on the lookout for new areas of education, Dr Schultz has embraced the recent excitement and passion doctors have for contributing to and influencing Social Media (SoMe). She is also aware that many doctors would like to learn how to embrace social media but lack the understanding about how to get started and how to play with maximum success and impact.

After being one of many passionate advocates who campaigned under AHPRAaction, to oppose changes to AHPRA’s proposed legistlation to limit patient testimonials and make doctors responsible for these unsolicited testimonials, Dr Schultz experienced first hand the power of uniting as a profession to enact change. Keeping in touch with other advocates of AHPRAaction, Dr Schultz has created a workshop that draws upon current leaders in the social media sphere, who can impart their knowledge and skills, leaving participants passionate about finding their voice and ready to influence via social media.

View the promo video here, featuring Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, Dr Brad McKay, Mr Amit Vohra and Dr Helen Schultz here.


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