Book Launch “How Shrinks Think” At @SoMebythesea on Saturday 15th November 2014

Greetings all,

Very excited to announce that my book, “How Shrinks Think” is about to hit the printers tomorrow in time for launch on Saturday 15th November 2014!

This has been the culmination of hard work and a great team effort between myself, Roy Mazucco, my brilliant editor, and Carly Goodwin who has done an incredible job with layout and design. I have to also thank my wonderful mentors Kylie Bartlett and Andrew Griffiths who have helped me since the book’s inception in July 2013.

I have written the book as honestly and as personally as I can. I am sure my views of my wonderful profession won’t be the same as all other psychiatrists, but I have always owned my opinions and been respectful to others opinions. All in all, I hope the book inspires future doctors to think about psychiatry as an option when specialising, because they will have more information to go on.

I am so thrilled that Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, former AMA president and Chairman of Council, World Medical Association, and Dr Brad McKay, Sydney GP and host of TV’s ‘Embarrassing Bodies Down Under have agreed to help launch my book. The launch will take place as part of the evening networking event following the day’s workshop.

See you there,

Best wishes,


How Shrinks Think Cover HR Crops+Bleed


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