Welcome to Mary Freer from @ChangedayAus!

Hi there,

Very excited to have met Mary Freer over the weekend, on Twitter! I am now much more informed about @ChangedayAus, and all that was accomplished truly on social media.

So, not one to pass up on an opportunity, we have invited Mary to come along and be part of the panel discussion about successful social media campaigns.

Here’s more about Mary and @ChangedayAus!

Mary Freer headshot

Mary Freer is the Founder of Change Day Australia. Using social media health workers joined together to  create a catalyst for frontline led change in the health industry. With a shared purpose to improve health care outcomes this campaign received over 15,000 pledges from clinicians, administrators, patients and health leaders to do something better: together. In 2015 Change Day promises to be even bigger.”

Over many years Mary has contributed to Australia’s national health and social care reform agenda through her work with state and commonwealth agencies. She has held senior leadership positions with national government and not for profit health care and social welfare services, including women’s and community health services, healthdirect Australia, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in South Australia, Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, Health Workforce Australia and now as Director of freerthinking.

Come along to #SoMebythesea and hear Jenny speak alongside Dr Jillian Tomlinson and Amit Vohra. 

Register today by 5pm to save 10% off the early bird fees!

See you by the seaside!



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