Announcing our next speaker for SoMe by the sea

Greetings all,

We are pleased to introduce our second speaker for our inaugural social media workshop for medical practitioners, Ms Jen Morris.

Jen Morris - Headshot


“Jen Morris is a patient advocate, science writer, healthcare consultant and public health researcher. She works with the University of Melbourne, Young and Well CRC, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, AHPRA, Mercy Health, and other organisations to instill patient perspectives into their work. She is best known for her contributions to the Victorian Parlimentary Inquiry into AHPRA, her writing on living with chronic pain, and for her uncanny ability to source jobs from Twitter.”

We are thrilled to have Jen join our discussion to inform the audience of the need for doctors to understand and embrace social media, and not to shy away from it. She is passionate about imparting the message that patients assess us and make decisions about our care, and it is up to us to lead our own profile, develop our unique voice and remain consistent with what we believe in. She is also deeply enocuraging of doctors to become involved with educating the public about health related matters, and providing an evidence based opinion to health debates.

Welcome Jen!

PS registrations for SoMe by the Sea will open at 5pm this Friday, 1 August 2014. Details to follow. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact CPD Formulations Pty Ltd at or contact me at @DrHelenschultz.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Helen and the CPD team.



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