Our next speaker for #Somebythesea

Hi all, 

We are thrilled to announce our next addition to what is becoming a stellar line up for the inaugural international social media conference for doctors – Dr Edwin Kruys.

For those of you who love reading medical blogs of great quality and filled with up to date expert opinion and debate, you would be well aware of Edwin’s blog, Doctor’s bag. I met Edwin via the oustanding and successful @AHPRAaction campaign, and we have kept in touch since, planning and organising #SoMebythesea, so that we can share our experiences about the importance of social media in many domains of advocacy and education. 

In a world where blogs are as plentiful as stars in the sky, we have chosen Edwin above others to share his insights about how to create, position, update and promote a successful medical blog post. We hope you leave the event ready to find your unique voice through blogging, so you can influence debates and make a difference. 

So, more about Dr Edwin Kruys;

Dr Edwin Kruys

Edwin Kruys is a GP in The Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Edwin studied Medicine and General Practice at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he also practised before relocating Down Under in 2006.

Since then, he has worked in the remote communities of Cooktown, North Queensland and Halls Creek in the Kimberley. Until last year he was practice principal in a privately owned super clinic in Geraldton, Western Australia.  

Edwin has a passion for social media an has experimented with enterprise social networks and practice Facebook pages. 

He blogs at Doctorsbag.net about social media, eHealth and healthcare. His blog made headlines in The Australian and various health magazines.”




Announcing our next speaker for SoMe by the sea

Greetings all,

We are pleased to introduce our second speaker for our inaugural social media workshop for medical practitioners, Ms Jen Morris.

Jen Morris - Headshot


“Jen Morris is a patient advocate, science writer, healthcare consultant and public health researcher. She works with the University of Melbourne, Young and Well CRC, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, AHPRA, Mercy Health, and other organisations to instill patient perspectives into their work. She is best known for her contributions to the Victorian Parlimentary Inquiry into AHPRA, her writing on living with chronic pain, and for her uncanny ability to source jobs from Twitter.”

We are thrilled to have Jen join our discussion to inform the audience of the need for doctors to understand and embrace social media, and not to shy away from it. She is passionate about imparting the message that patients assess us and make decisions about our care, and it is up to us to lead our own profile, develop our unique voice and remain consistent with what we believe in. She is also deeply enocuraging of doctors to become involved with educating the public about health related matters, and providing an evidence based opinion to health debates.

Welcome Jen!

PS registrations for SoMe by the Sea will open at 5pm this Friday, 1 August 2014. Details to follow. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact CPD Formulations Pty Ltd at info@cpdformulations.com.au or contact me at @DrHelenschultz.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Helen and the CPD team.



Annnouncing our confirmed speakers

In anticipation of our formal launch on August 1st 2014, I am excited to start introducing you to our confirmed speakers for SoMebythesea!

Here at team CPD, we are thrilled to announce that our keynote speaker for the event is Dr Brad McKay.

Dr Brad McKay is a Doctor and TV Presenter of ‘Embarrassing Bodies Down Under’, an Australian version of the original British Series ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ – a television show dedicated to decrease the stigma attached to embarrassing health problems and increase awareness of traditionally ‘taboo’ topics.

Dr Brad worked closely with the ‘Lifestyle’ Social Media team at Foxtel and in 2013 ‘Embarrassing Bodies Down Under’ won an Astra Industry Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Social Media Campaign.

He lives and breathes Social Media and has developed an effective style of health communication.  Social Media is rapidly expanding and is an increasingly important method of communicating appropriate and accurate health information to the public. Dr Brad communicates with his followers via Twitter (@DrBradMcKay), Facebook, Podcasts, YouTube and his own website (drbradmckay.com.au).

Dr McKay headshot

Dr Brad McKay will open the event, speaking about the importance of understanding social media in 2014, branding and creating your unique voice!